District Budget

Page updated November 30, 2021

The Community Charter requires local governments to approve a five-year Financial Plan Bylaw each year before they adopt the annual Tax Rate Bylaw. The current year in the five-year financial plan forms the annual budget. The financial plan identifies both operating and capital expenditures balanced against revenues from such sources as:

  • property tax
  • sale of services
  • grants
  • transfers from other governments

The financial plan is developed by Council through its strategic planning process, service-level review, and citizen engagement. Additionally, the District must produce annual audited financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles through the Public Sector Accounting Board of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. The audited statements must be included in the Annual Municipal Report.

Join the 2022 Budget Conversation today!

The District relies on property tax dollars to provide services and maintain parks and infrastructure that contribute to your quality of life. As a member of the community, it’s important that you are informed about the District of Sooke budget, and that you have an opportunity to share your input.

Engage with us at letstalk.sooke.ca/budget >>

Participate in our quick poll and 3-question Early Learning Survey (June 23-July 16) to start to shape the information we provide and how we engage on the budget. This will be followed by a citizen-budget survey later in the year that will seek more detailed input on the District’s budgets.

We invite you to connect with staff at community pop-ups (June 23-July 16 & August 30-September 24) to learn more about the District’s service areas and what projects are currently underway. Ask questions and learn about when key decisions are made and how you can be involved early. This helps to ensure optimum use of resources and your tax dollars.

service-level review and Citizen Budget Survey (August 31-September 26) will inform how we adapt the five-year financial plan and next year’s budget priorities to set the stage for detailed community budget conversations. This tool allows you to share your ideas for how the budget might be modified and the impacts of those adjustments.

Service-level discussion with Council will take place on October 18, 2021 and November 1, 2021.

A staff budget presentation will follow.

Also in the fall, the District will also host a digital budget information session and an in-person open house to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about how the District’s budgets are developed, the unique challenges encountered when developing municipal budgets, and our roadmap to an open budget process. Tentative dates:

After the budget Open House, the budget will proceed to adoption.



Financial Plans

(Unofficial copies – contact Director of Finance to verify):

2021 – 2025 Five-Year Financial Plan
2020 – 2024 Amended Five Year Financial Plan
2019 – 2023 Five Year Financial Plan
2018 – 2022 Five Year Financial Plan
2017 – 2021 Five Year Financial Plan
2016 – 2020 Five Year Financial Plan
2015 – 2019 Five Year Financial Plan
2014 – 2018 Five Year Financial Plan
2013 – 2017 Five Year Financial Plan
2012 – 2016 Five Year Financial Plan
2011 – 2015 Five Year Financial Plan
2010 – 2014 Five Year Financial Plan
2009 – 2013 Five Year Financial Plan
2008 – 2012 Five Year Financial Plan
2007 – 2011 Five Year Financial Plan
2006 – 2010 Five Year Financial Plan
2005 – 2009 Five Year Financial Plan
2004 – 2008 Five Year Financial Plan
2003 – 2007 Five Year Financial Plan
2002 – 2006 Five Year Financial Plan


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