Transportation Master Planning & Projects

Last updated August 10, 2021

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) a long-term guide for the planning, design, and development of transportation facilities and infrastructure. The TMP, approved in October 2020, was prepared in conjunction with the District’s Parks and Trails Master Plan (PTMP) and in consideration of many existing plans and policies including BC Transit’s concurrent Sooke Local Area Transit Plan. The TMP was developed with the participation of Sooke residents, key community stakeholders, District staff and Council to ensure the plan addresses current transportation issues and reflects community values and interests. READ DOCUMENT >>

Transportation-related Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We know there are many questions around transportation planning in Sooke and our growing community. District staff will keep residents informed by responding to your questions and updating this page regularly. If your question is not answered through the Transportation Master Plan or on this page, submit it here.

Where can I find out about planned work affecting traffic?

When traffic advisories are shared with the District, they are posted to the Traffic Advisories page of our website. For real-time traffic information, please refer to Where motor vehicle incidents cause traffic delays, best efforts are made to share current information through the District Twitter page.

Where can I find the latest information on the Highway 14 construction project?

This project is led by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI). For project details, please visit Highway 14 – Corridor Improvements posted by the province. As the District receives project updates from MOTI, they are posted to the Highway 14 project page of the District website. Please also view a photo gallery of the work here.

With the developments on Charters and Drennan, how will additional traffic be accommodated?

In addition to the housing contributions, BC Housing has made a significant contribution to the District’s road improvement program. The intersection at Charters will be upgraded to a signal light, that will enable vehicles to turn left from Charters onto Sooke Road. Charters itself will be fully upgraded as well and include a sidewalk.

At the same time, with developer contributions and endorsement of a grant application, the District is planning for considerable road improvements from Phillips to Throup to Grant Road.

This will alleviate the congestion on Sooke Road and provide a safer connection for pedestrians and cyclists.

Timelines are not yet known. The District will keep the community informed as timelines are verified.

How are paving priorities for roadways determined?

Paving priorities for roadways are set based on conditional assessments that involve the following considerations in their evaluation:

  • Level of Service required based on density/population served
  • Frequency of use (anticipated vehicles/day)
  • Physical condition of pavement and projected life expectancy
  • Safety as well as consequence of failure
  • Typical design life
  • Road Classification

Pedestrian Access from Whiffin Spit to the town core is challenging. What improvements are planned? There is a gate limiting accessing the path off of West Coast Road between the Prestige Hotel and Maple; why?

District staff are working with the Ministry of Transportation to improve this stretch of Highway 14. As updates are available, this page will be kept current. The noted gate is on private property and has been installed by the property owner.

Who do I call to report a deceased deer on the road?

If the deer is on Sooke Road or West Coast Road (HWY 14), please contact EMCON at 1.866.353.3136. If the deer is elsewhere in the District fo Sooke, during regular hours of operation Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., please contact the District at 250.642.1634 or After hours, please call Victoria COntracting at 250.474.2688.

2021 Capital Projects (Updates)

Church Road Corridor Project

Contractors will be mobilizing during the first week of September and construction is anticipated to be complete by November. Traffic Management Plan under development. Traffic advisories will be posted, here

Project notes:

  • Intersection upgrades from HWY 14 to approximately the RCMP detachment including the extension of south-bound right-hand turn lane into the town centre.
  • Active Transportation infrastructure (bike lanes, multi-use paths, sidewalk) will be included primarily on the southbound/west side of the corridor within scope up above points as per “collector” standards.
  • This project is a complex corridor project involving the alignment of District construction with required frontage construction projects for current developments.

Otter Point Road Corridor Active Transportation Project

On August 10, 2021, the District announced $1.8 Million Received For Otter Point Road Active Transportation Corridor Project.

Contractors will be mobilizing during the first week of September and construction is anticipated to be complete by November. Traffic Management Plan under development. Traffic advisories will be posted, here

Project notes:

  • The project plan is inclusive of the completion of bike lanes, sidewalks, boulevard improvements, lighting, and pavement resurfacing – both sides of the corridor.
  • The District will be consulting neighbouring property owners to determine changes in access and communicate impacts and opportunities. Neighbouring property owners can expect the District to connect with them by Thursday, February 4th, 2021.

Charters/Drennan Intersection Upgrades

Required for BC Housing developments

Project notes:

  • Final Design for the intersection projects has just been engaged and the District is working with neighbouring businesses
  • This project is required to support additional density from the 2 BC housing developments. A delay in implementation from 2021 is being considered to strategically implement these intersection upgrades closer to, or in conjunction with, the Throup connection to Phillips Road – this will ultimately reduce congestion on HWY 14.
  • Discussing timelines with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as it may be beneficial to delay until 2022/23 to align with other work.

EV Charger Eustace & Bus Shelter upgrades

EV charger at Eustace location will be completed in 2021.

Project notes:

  • Pending outcome of Otter Point Road Corridor Active Transportation Project above, the addition of bus shelter at the south-bound location on Otter point near Eustace will be tendered as part of the Otter point corridor project.

Brailsford Place Connection

Anticipated completion through 2021.

Project notes:

  • page 42 TMP, “Connect the west and east sections of Brailsford Place by removing the barrier currently in-place and alter the street design to provide a continuous Local Street standard.”

Corridor Design Projects 2021

  • Phillips Road Corridor – HWY 14 to north of SEAPARC;  – “Arterial” Standard – Procurement in Progress: Award anticipated in February.
  • Charters Road Corridor – HWY 14 to Throup Road; – “Collector” Standard – Procurement in Progress: Award anticipated in February.
  • Throup Road Connector – Phillips Road to Charters Road; – “Arterial” Standard – Procurement in Progress: Award anticipated in February.
  • Otter Point at Wadams Roundabout/Grant Road West Realignment; “Arterial” Standard – Conceptual Design in Progress; anticipate 50% design completed by summer 2021.
  • Corridor construction projects for existing alignments will follow corridor standard within the TMP, but will be adjusted accordingly based on Right-of-Way Allowances.

Additional Community Capital Projects (Operations/Active Transportation) to be engaged in 2021

  • Bluffs Staircase Replacement – pending grant success for 100% funding
  • Sooke Potholes Access improvements – pending grant success for 100% funding
  • Little River Pedestrian Crossing – Pending Gant success

2022 Projects for Consideration

Join the Budget 2022 Conversation at

Church Road Corridor Project: Roundabout

Project notes:

  • Roundabout at Church and Throup inclusive of corridor construction up to and just south of Wadams Way.