Annual Brush Cutting Program

Annual brush cutting of District of Sooke roadways takes place through a coordinated approach each summer. Patience from drivers as this important work, over a 4-week period, is completed is appreciated.

Brush Cutting includes mowing, chopping, and chipping to keep roadways clear.

When brush gets out of control, it can be harder for drivers to see the road ahead and respond to oncoming dangers. It can also hide important roads signs that driver need. Cutting back the brush also helps alleviate a fire hazard. Further benefits include:

  • Cutting tree limbs growing too close to the roadway can prevent vehicle damage
  • Clearing our roadsides if they’re overgrown, provides room for vehicles to pull over in case of an emergency.
  • Removing excess growth from our roadsides lowers the chance of flooding by keeping ditches and drains free of debris.
  • Brushing also provides an opportunity to control invasive weeds that can quickly spread if left alone.

Due to the current exceptionally dry conditions, a water truck will follow behind the flail mower in order for this work to be conducted.

2021 Schedule:

Week Location
Week of Mon, July 12 Phillips Road and Sooke Road – working west from there thru the core, and then onto Saseenos and East Sooke.
Week of Mon, July 19 Effective July 19, 2021 due to the Extreme Fire Danger Rating, High-Risk Activities, including road brush cutting must cease. Brush cutting will resume safe to do so.
Week 3 (to be confirmed) To be confirmed
Week 4 (to be confirmed) To be confirmed

Reporting Concerns Outside of Annual Brush Cutting Program Schedule

As brush growth varies, if residents notice areas of concern outside of the annual brush cutting program, they may contact the district to have contractors respond more immediately. To report an area of concern, please email or call 250.642.1634.