District Plans

Accessibility Inclusion Report
In January 2008 the District of Sooke retained the Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) to undertake research for the preparation of a Plan for Accessibility and Inclusion at the District of Sooke.

Agricultural Plan
An Agricultural Plan is a strategy and policy framework which can be used to guide agricultural-related decision making within the District of Sooke.

Community Energy and Emissions Plan
Sooke’s CEEP (Community Energy and Emissions Plan) has developed a holistic strategy for reducing GHG emissions from both corporate operations and community-wide sources.  This plan is a comprehensive strategy which guides the next steps for both community and corporate climate action in effort to reach the reduction targets of the Official Community Plan (OCP).

Corporate Strategic Plan
The goal of the District of Sooke Corporate Strategic Planning process is to identify and document the priorities of the Corporation for the remaining term of Council, and to lay the foundation and internal structures for the development of detailed longer-term work plans.

Downtown Design Guidelines
To provide Sooke with a set of design recommendations that will guide future private and public development of the downtown core, resulting in a strong and healthy community.

Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plan 2013
Emergency Operations Centre Manual 2013
In order to protect residents, businesses and visitors, the District of Sooke requires a coordinated emergency response by a number of agencies. The District of Sooke has prepared an emergency plan and manual, which contain distinct arrangements and procedures that are different from the normal day-to-day operations, to ensure that every official, municipal department and partner agency will be prepared to carry out assigned responsibilities in an emergency.

Liquid Waste Management Plan Rainwater Stage 2 and 3
Liquid Waste Management Plan Sanitary Stage 3
Liquid Waste Management Plan Addendum

The District of Sooke has taken a proactive approach to wastewater and rainwater management and is recognizing the significance of environmental protection of the region.

Official Community Plan
An OCP is the principle municipal planning tool that develops a vision for the future of the Sooke community and establishes a detailed set of policies in a wide range of areas.

Parks and Trails Master Plan
The District of Sooke has embarked on the re-evaluation of it’s Parks & Trails Master Plan. This process will be completed by an external consultant in combination with the Transportation Master Plan. This new refreshed plan will establish future planning for parks, trails and green spaces within our community.

Rainwater Management Plan – Ella Stream, Nott Brook, Throup Stream and Wright Road Creek Watersheds.

Rainwater Management Plans (RWMP) are developed to guide “on-the-ground” solutions to rainwater management issues at a watershed scale. All watersheds in the District were reviewed as part of the Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) study to identify priority streams for RWMP review. The development of the RWMP was guided by the vision and goals of the District of Sooke plans and the RWMP provides a vehicle to manage the rainwater and watersheds of all of these plans.

Rainwater Management Plan – Appendices

Sooke Region Cultural Plan
The Cultural Plan provides a framework that identifies five key strategies that can be implemented over the next five years in order to create a healthy and vibrant arts, cultural, and heritage sector in the Sooke Region that will encourage everyone to participate, support and appreciate.

Sooke River Pedestrian Crossing – Galloping Goose Trail
The District of Sooke initiated the Sooke River Pedestrian Crossing project to develop a stronger pedestrian and cyclist connection over the Sooke River. The purpose of this project was to identify and study potential new crossings and identify and create a preliminary crossing design for future funding and construction. This project met Sooke’s larger vision of increasing connectivity throughout the community.

TIMELINE – Sooke River Pedestrian Crossing

Sooke Sustainable Development Strategy
One of the important steps taken by the District of Sooke toward becoming a leader in sustainable community development is the initiation of this Sustainable Development Strategy.

Town Centre Plan
The process of creating the Town Centre Plan began in early 2008. The results of the consultation for the Town Centre Plan revealed that residents desired a more beautiful and vibrant downtown that allowed for a mix of uses and a strong connection to the waterfront.

Town Centre Revitalization
In an effort to provide meaningful and progressive incentives and stimulus to developers in the District of Sooke, Council on June 22, 2009 adopted the Sooke Town Centre Revitalization Bylaw that will provide incentives to revitalize the Sooke Town Centre Area in an environmentally sound manner.

Transportation Master Plan
The District of Sooke has identified that the community is outgrowing its current design and requires a fulsome review to identify areas for connector roads, upgrades, and to establish a plan for continued community growth. This process will be completed by an external consultant in combination with the Parks and Trails Master Plan.

Wildfire Protection Plan
This Community Wildfire Protection Plan will provide Sooke with a framework to assess the District’s fire risk. Additionally, the information contained in this report will help to guide the mitigation strategies that will best address wildfire risk in the community.