Parking Regulations in Sooke

Parking regulations are in place for the safety of residents and visitors to Sooke and are outlined in the District of Sooke Traffic and Highways Regulation Bylaw, 2002.

As per this bylaw, parking is not permitted:

  • on a sidewalk or centre median;
  • in front of or within 2 metres of a public or private driveway;
  • in any lane;
  • within 5 metres of a fire hydrant measured from a point on the curb or edge of the highway;
  • on or within 6 metres of a crosswalk;
  • within 6 metres upon the approach to a stop sign;
  • within 6 metres of either side of the entrance to or exit from a hotel, theatre, public meeting place, fire hall or playground.

Note: the above list is not exhaustive and simply captures some of the most commonly expressed concerns.

Concerns with compliance?

Bylaw takes an education-first approach to compliance. Report concerns by phone to 250.642.1634 or email at