Sewer System

The Sooke wastewater collection and treatment system is owned and operated by the District of Sooke.

Construction of the Sooke collection system and wastewater treatment plant began in 2004 and the system was commissioned in November 2005. Individual domestic and commercial hook-ups began in January 2006 and continued throughout 2006 and 2007, with the majority completed by December 2006. The system services a core area of approximately 5,500 residents.

The system uses secondary sewage treatment which typically removes 90% of the total suspended solids and high levels of other contaminants, providing significant environmental benefits to the District of Sooke.

For information or to answer any questions residents may have pertaining to the sanitary sewer system, please call 250-642-1634.

In case of an emergency, or residential sewer backup – please contact the sewer operator at 250-642-1634


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