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***Statistics from the Canadian 2016 Census***

Mayor's Public Address - May 25, 2020

Mayor’s Public Address – May 25, 2020

Mayor’s Final Public Address - May 25th COVID-19 Pandemic Update Good afternoon – The Government of British Columbia’s Provincial State of
Street sweeping update - week of May 25, 2020

Street sweeping update – week of May 25, 2020

Crews continue with street cleaning efforts taking place throughout April and May. During the week of May 25, sweepers will

Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the District of Sooke’s website!

As a growing community, the District of Sooke strives to adapt its municipal business practices in an effort to provide excellent service and meet community need. Our website is an example of our commitment to ongoing improvement. Visitors to the site will find simple navigation, a mobile friendly platform, and  opportunities for engagement.

Sooke is a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming community. We are fortunate to be located close to nature, and our town motto of “Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea” speaks to the environmental riches of the area. The District supports land use and development principles that preserve our natural environment, while also creating affordable and accessible housing that allow families to put down roots and thrive as members of the community. Opportunities for community involvement are abundant, our arts and cultural scene is second to none with many festivals and events throughout the year. Our residents are passionate and engaged in civic and volunteer activities.

I am proud to serve as Mayor of Sooke and am honoured to hear from residents regarding their priorities and ideas for our town. Ongoing dialogue and open communication is a top priority of Council and we welcome suggestions for improvement to this site, and to other municipal services.

Maja Tait, Mayor