Tax Exemptions

The District of Sooke will consider granting permissive tax exemptions under section 224 of the Community Charter to agencies within the District who financially require such exemptions in order to provide a service to the community and whose service results in an improvement to the quality of life within the community.

To provide guidance in the processing of applications for exemption from property taxes pursuant to section 224 of the Community Charter. Areas of concern are principally whether or not the District is indirectly subsidizing activities or facilities that are the responsibility of another government agency; whether the organization requires such exemptions; and whether the organizations in receipt of the tax exemptions are providing a benefit to the District of Sooke. A policy has been establish to provide general principles, which serves as a guide in evaluation of applications for exemption.

For more information, please review the following: Statutory and Permissive Tax Exemption Policy

An application must be submitted for each property: Application Form