The Planning Department is responsible for the provision of Planning Services within the Municipality. These services include long range and current planning, review of development proposals and the provision of general development information.

Visit the documents section of our website for application forms, bylaws, policies and long range plans around land use.

If you are thinking about developing property, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department at (250) 642-1634. We would be happy to discuss development opportunities permitted through the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.

In This Department

Secondary Suites

A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit located within a single family house. A small suite is a self-contained dwelling unit in an accessory building detached from the principal building. Both types of suites must be capable of being occupied year round and provide for living, sleeping, cooking, sanitation, food storage and preparation. Suites can not exceed 90 m2 in floor area.

In order to have a secondary or small suite, the Sooke Zoning Bylaw must allow the use on the property. Please call the Development Services Department to confirm whether or not a secondary or small suite is permitted in a particular zone. To find out the current zoning of a property, refer to the online Zoning Maps and the Zoning Bylaw.

Required application:

  • Building Permit Required for construction of all secondary or small suites

Possible application:

  • Rezoning Required for properties with zoning that does not currently allow a secondary or small suite.

The Development Services department is available to assist with Zoning or Building Permit questions. To make an appointment, please phone: 250-642-1634.

Sign Regulation Bylaw

The District of Sooke Council adopted Bylaw 480 Sign Regulation Bylaw 2011, on October 11, 2011.

The intent of this Bylaw is to:

  • encourage the effective and equitable use of signs as a means of identifying businesses and services;
  • encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication;
  • enhance the appearance of the Municipality by regulating the size, height, design and location of permitted signs;
  • apply the sign regulations in a fair and consistent manner;
  • protect the public from the dangers of inferior sign construction and from nuisance or hazards arising from improperly maintained, repaired or sited signs;
  • regulate the construction, maintenance, repair, replacement and removal of signs; and
  • regulate the issuance of sign permits.

The Land Use and Environment Committee is currently reviewing Bylaw No. 480, Sign Regulation Bylaw, 2011. The Committee has provided the following direction to staff:

  • to enter into discussion with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure as to the installation of wayfinding signage on Highway 14 (Sooke Road);
  • to work with the Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce to determine any issues with Bylaw No. 480, Sign Regulation Bylaw that require an amendment to Bylaw No. 480;
  • to finalize the Town Centre Guidelines policy (public process) to determine any proposed changes to size or style of signs that require an amendment to Bylaw No. 480; Town Centre Guidelines

Upon obtaining a decision with MOTI as to the wayfinding signage and the identification of proposed amendments to the Bylaw No. 480, staff will bring forward draft bylaw amendments to the Committee for review.

Sunriver Playing Field

In November 2002, The District of Sooke rezoned the Sunriver lands through the adoption of Bylaw No. 102. As a condition of the rezoning, a Land Development Agreement (LDA) was entered into and registered on title (section 219 Covenant), calling for Sunriver Estates to construct soccer and slo-pitch fields and a school site on lands located at Sunriver Way and Riverstone Drive.  

In 2010, Sunriver Estates and the District of Sooke agreed to attempt to relocate the playing field/school site to the east of the originally proposed site, accessing Phillips Road.  As the new site is located within the Agricultural Land Reserve, an inclusion/exclusion application to the Agricultural Land Commission was required. The ALC granted approval to the application subject to various conditions.

An amendment to the tri-partite Agreement for the school site between the District of Sooke, School District #62 and Sun River is now required.  A staff report from the October 28, 2013 Council Meeting presents the proposed amendment agreement.

A staff report from the January 27, 2014 Council Meeting outlines the proposed layout and design of the playing fields.


Find out the zoning on my property?

The Zoning Bylaw sets out the zoning on properties located within the District of Sooke boundaries.

The Zoning Map is available as a layer in our interactive web map. It is recommended that you confirm the zone of your property with the Planning department before you make any decisions as to building, development, permitted uses, etc.

DISCLAIMER: These are unofficial documents of the District of Sooke and are consolidated from a variety of sources for convenience purposes only and are not to be relied upon in making financial or other commitments. The District of Sooke does not warrant the accuracy of information on these documents nor will it accept responsibility for errors or omissions. The District of Sooke reserves the right to alter or update this information without notice.

Please contact the District of Sooke Planning Department before making decisions based on these documents.