Parks and Trails Master Plan

The District of Sooke is in the final phase of updating its Parks and Trail master Plan (PTMP) to prepare for future outdoor demands. The ‘new’ 2020 Parks and Trails Master Plan will build upon the 2009 Parks and Trails Master Plan and guide future upgrading and expansion of the parks and trails system based on the needs and priorities for outdoor recreation and mobility in the community.

The intent of the master plan is to analyze the existing outdoor space network in the District of Sooke, and develop a comprehensive strategy to guide future decisions for parks, trails and greenways in the area, identify opportunities and priorities for acquisition and expansion of the parks and trails system, and identify the trends and demands that will determine the future for outdoor recreation in the Sooke area. A Parks and Trails Master Plan is a strategic document that is system‐wide in scope. It does not examine detailed planning for each park in the system; rather, it provides a vision and direction for the overall District’s parks and trails system.

This plan will assist the District in prioritizing the short and long‐term needs for parks and trails, and will facilitate budget planning, an acquisition strategy, funding applications and park improvement planning over the next 10 years.

The Parks & Trails Master Plan is available using the following links:

If you would like additional information please contact:
Parks and Environmental Services Department
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Phone: 250-642-1634