Parks & Greenspaces

The District of Sooke Parks department is responsible for the general operation and maintenance of parks, trails, boulevards, transit stops and the hazardous tree program.

Parks and trails owned and operated by the District of Sooke are established to provide local, publicly accessible green spaces for the people of Sooke. These sites often have a variety of purposes: sports or passive recreation, environmental protection, access to shorelines, or preservation of unique landscapes and historical features.

CRD Parks and Trails, Provincial Parks, TLC lands, Community Association Parks and other recreation areas are part of Sooke’s larger recreation fabric but are not operated by the District.

Parks & Trails Master Planning

The District of Sooke will be updating the Parks & Trails Master Plan and the Transportation Master Plan. These plans have had significant consultation with the public in January 2019 and reflect the key desires of the public and stakeholders involved.

Together, these plans will work to create a holistic and cohesive outdoor park management philosophy and mobility network that advances Active Transportation (cycle, transit, walk) that promotes a healthy community.

Recent Park Highlights

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