Dogs in Parks

Updated May 23, 2023

Sooke recognizes dogs as an important part of families. To ensure the safe enjoyment of our parks we request pet owners clean up after their pets and observe the pet regulations. We appreciate the efforts of all the responsible dog owners visiting our parks!

Animal Control
Sooke contracts to the Capital Regional District for animal control. Please direct all animal control-related and enforcement questions to the CRD Animal Control at 250.478.0624. Learn more:

General Restriction
Dogs are not to run at large or be in any public place, unless the dog is under the effective control of a competent person or is confined by a leash or chain.

Consider this simple canine courtesy:

  • Protect nature by keeping your dog away from wildlife and sensitive areas
  • Always respect others who might not welcome your dog’s attention
  • Watch that your dog is under control, in sight, and on a leash where required
  • Scoop your dog’s poop and take it to the trash
  • Download the CRD’s PAWS in Parks pamphlet to learn why canine courtesy matters


Protect Your Pets from Natural Hazards

Parks are natural areas that may present hazards to park visitors and their pets. It is difficult to anticipate when or where potential natural hazards may occur in parks. To protect your pets and the natural environment, dogs need to be under control and within your line of sight at all times.

Examples of common hazards to pets include:

  • poisonous mushrooms
  • moulds growing on decomposing matter, such as feces, grains, and nuts (mycotoxins)
  • unstable or slippery terrain
  • high and fast-moving water in streams and ditches
  • encounters with wildlife
  • blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)

To learn more about blue-green algae visit these sites:

Carter Navaratte (Off-leash) Dog Park

Sooke’s first off-leash dog park, located at 2276 Church Road in Pond’s Park Corridor, provides a fenced dog park with a water fountain, dog waste bags and garbage bin, boulders for agility equipment, and benches. Later this year, a gazebo and additional agility equipment will be added.

The park is located on the Stickleback Urban Trail with convenient access for trail users. Limited parking is available on Church Road. Additional parking is available at the District of Sooke Municipal Hall, approximately 600  metres from the park. Consider leashing your dog and enjoying a walk yourself before visiting the dog park to keep the Church Road parking available for those with accessibility and mobility concerns.

Please follow the posted park rules and be a good neighbour, helping keep the space green and clean.

Several residents have kindly expressed interest in being community stewards of the park. If you wish to volunteer as a Paws Park Corridor Steward, please contact the District of Sooke Parks Department at 250.642.1634 or