Bylaw Compliance

The District of Sooke’s Bylaws are enforced by a Bylaw Officer, or staff with designated authority (i.e. Fire Department Personnel may enforce the Fire Protection Services Bylaw). The Bylaw Officer, or enforcement personnel, endeavours to educate residents and visitors as to the reasons for and how to comply with the bylaws. We strive for voluntary compliance with District of Sooke Bylaws rather than other enforcement methods.

Civil issues such as; property line disputes, trees on property lines, and similar circumstances, are not actionable by the District. You may wish to contact a civil lawyer for advice.


A complete list of bylaws that are accessible on our website is available here.

How to Make a Bylaw Complaint

Bylaw complaints need to be submitted in writing. To make a written complaint regarding a violation of regulations contained in one of the District of Sooke Bylaws, the District requires you to provide your name, address, daytime telephone number, email address if applicable, as well as the details of your complaint. Should you refuse to provide this information, in accordance with Council policy, no action may be taken by the Bylaw Officer, except in the case of alleged health or safety issues.

Please review our Complaint and Bylaw Enforcement Policy.

The Bylaw Officers will receive written complaints in various ways:

  • By email to
  • By fax to 250-642-0541
  • By mail to: Bylaw Officer, District of Sooke, 2205 Otter Point Road, Sooke, BC V9Z 1J2
  • Drop off in person to Bylaw Officer at the Municipal office.

Note: Your personal information is kept confidential. We contact you if releasing your information is required to pursue further enforcement action. The District would normally seek your consent before proceeding with such action, although we reserve the right to proceed based on the public good (most often giving consideration for public safety).

Once the information is received, a Bylaw Officer, or designated personnel, will be assigned to investigate the matter. When the investigation is complete, the Bylaw Officer may contact you with information about the investigation, whether a violation occurred, and plans for resolution of the matter.

Some complaints are easily remedied, while others take more time to rectify. Your patience as this process is navigated is appreciated.

Bylaw complaint information is considered confidential and will not be released, except as may be required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or otherwise as required by law.

Often complaints can be resolved amicably between neighbours. It is recommended that whenever possible, residents attempt to resolve their issues before contacting the Bylaw Officer for assistance.

Animal Control

The Animal Regulation and Impounding Bylaw regulates the keeping of animals and animal nuisances, regulates the licencing of dogs, provides for the operation of an animal pound, prohibits the feeding of wildlife (except bird feeders) and regulates the keeping of wild and exotic animals.

The District of Sooke contracts to the Capital Regional District for animal control (available here). Please direct all animal control related questions to the CRD Animal Control at 250-478-0624.

2011 CRD Animal Control Summary

2012 CRD Animal Control Summary

2013 CRD Animal Control Summary

2014 CRD Animal Control Summary

The District works with WildWise Sooke  to provide an educational program about feeding and preventing wildlife encounters on residential property.

Considering a dog? Learn more about dog care here.

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