Annual Report

Part 4, Division 5 of the Community Charter requires the District of Sooke Council to consider the Annual Municipal Report at a Council meeting or other public meeting. At the annual meeting, Council must consider submissions and questions from the public. Information regarding how and where to submit input will be published once the report has been made public (refer to timeline below).

Community Charter (section 98)

Council must prepare an Annual Municipal Report, and make it available for public inspection, before June 30 each year. This report must include:

  • A statement of objectives and measures that will be used as the basis for determining the municipality’s performance for the current year and subsequent year;
  • Progress report on the objectives and measures established for the previous year;
  • Report on the municipality’s services and operations for the previous year;
  • The audited financial statements for the previous year;
  • A list of permissive tax exempted properties for the previous year;
  • Declarations of disqualification (if any) for the previous year.

Community Charter (section 168) and Local Government Act (section 377)

Reporting on Council remuneration, expenses and contracts must also be completed at least once a year. The District of Sooke prepares and presents this information at the same meeting as the Annual Municipal Report.

Local Government Act (section 569)

In addition, before June 30th each year, a local government must prepare and consider a report with respect to the annual development cost charges for the previous year.

Community Charter (section 99)

The scheduled Council meeting or public meeting must be held no less than 14 days after release of Annual Municipal Report.

Recent Reports

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