Agenda & Minutes

Public comments on electronic meetings during COVID-19

District of Sooke Council meetings have moved to an electronic meeting platform during the COVID-19 pandemic to support physical distancing measures. Meetings will not take place in Council Chambers and will not be physically open to members of the public.

The Province of BC issued Ministerial Order MO83 on March 26, 2020, allowing local governments to continue municipal business and hold meetings without in-person public attendance. Public Hearings cannot be conducted under M083 and will proceed when Council resumes regular meetings or when the Province provides an alternative process.

The District of Sooke believes that public participation is a fundamental tenet of democracy and leads to better informed decision-making. Council wishes to hear from the public on issues that are important to them and encourages residents to comment on upcoming agenda items, Questions and comments regarding upcoming agenda items can be emailed to and those received by noon on the day of each Council meeting will be summarized, read aloud and recorded for the public record.

Please note that your full name is required and will be included in the meeting.

Council agendas can be found below and recorded meetings can be viewed here. Council meetings will not be streamed live but will be made available for viewing shortly after their conclusion.

As always, members of the public can also contact Mayor and Council to share their questions and concerns regarding any municipal business, not just items on upcoming agendas, by emailing 

For a schedule of upcoming Council and Committee meetings, please see the Event Calendar

Agendas are prepared for all Council and Committee/Commission meetings and are posted at least 24 hours before the time of the meeting.

Individuals wishing to “appear as a delegation” to Council should send a letter of request or complete the Request to Appear as a Delegation form, providing sufficient detail to describe the topic, the presenters and meeting date they wish to appear. The letter or completed form should be submitted to the Clerk by 4:30 pm on the Tuesday prior to the meeting. This procedure provides Council an opportunity to prepare, resulting in a prompt and informed response.

Regular Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m., except on holidays when they are held on the immediately following Tuesday.

It is the responsibility of the Corporate Services department to ensure that accurate minutes of all meetings of Council and Council committees/commissions are prepared — and that access to these minutes is provided. Please note that minutes are not available until they are adopted by the Council or Committee/Commission.

Agendas, minutes, and Council videos can also be browsed using the CivicWeb Portal.