District of Sooke
2205 Otter Point Road Sooke BC V9Z 1J2
Phone 250-642-1634 Fax 250-642-0541

Municipal Office Hours:
8:30am – 4:30pm
Monday – Friday

* Office closed from 9:00 am – 9:30 am on Tuesdays for a Staff Meeting

Corporate Services
Norm McInnis, Chief Administrative Officer nmcinnis@sooke.ca
Carolyn Mushata, Corporate Officer cmushata@sooke.ca
Patti Rear, Deputy Corporate Officer prear@sooke.ca
Jennifer Royer-Collard, Corporate Services Assistant jroyercollard@sooke.ca
Sarah Temple, Corporate Services Assistant stemple@sooke.ca
Constance MacDonald, Head of Human Resources cmacdonald@sooke.ca
Bylaw Enforcement
Medea Mills, Bylaw Enforcement Officer II mmills@sooke.ca
Scott Cullum, Bylaw Enforcement Officer I scullum@sooke.ca
Financial Services (Including IT & GIS)
Raechel Gray, Acting Director of Financial Services rgray@sooke.ca
Deborah Knight, Senior Financial Services Assistant dknight@sooke.ca
Stacey Dalep, Financial Services Assistant sdalep@sooke.ca
Cassidy Thagard, General Support Clerk-Financial Services cthagard@sooke.ca
Mark Downton, Head of Information Technology mdownton@sooke.ca
Diego Bingham, Technology Support Analyst dbingham@sooke.ca
Brian Goble, Head of Geographic Services bgoble@sooke.ca
Leah Giles, GIS/Land Records Analyst lgiles@sooke.ca
Building Inspection
Tony Bastone, Building Official II tbastone@sooke.ca
Brad Metzger, Building Official II bmetzger@sooke.ca
Teresa Burket, Building Inspection Clerk tburket@sooke.ca
Business Licenses
Medea Mills, Bylaw Enforcement Officer II mmills@sooke.ca
Development Services
Rob Howat, Director Development Services, Approving Officer rhowat@sooke.ca
Nikki Lewers, Land Development Technician nlewers@sooke.ca
Brian Derrick, Engineering Technologist II bderrick@sooke.ca
Paul Butterfield, Engineering Technologist I pbutterfield@sooke.ca
Susan Dyble, Planning & Development Assistant sdyble@sooke.ca
Caroline Waters, Development Services Clerk cwaters@sooke.ca
Parks & Greenspaces
Laura Hooper, Head of Parks and Environmental Services lhooper@sooke.ca
Jessica Boquist, Parks Operations – Lead Hand jboquist@sooke.ca
Angela Sinclair, Parks Worker II asinclair@sooke.ca
Ivy Campbell, Head of Planning icampbell@sooke.ca
Tara Johnson, Planner II tjohnson@sooke.ca
Teunesha Evertse , Planner II tevertse@sooke.ca
Susan Dyble, Planning & Development Assistant sdyble@sooke.ca
Sooke Fire and Rescue – 2225 Otter Point Road, 642-5422   Fax:  642-3840
Kenn Mount, Fire Chief/Director of Community Safety kmount@sooke.ca
Matt Barney, Deputy Chief/Emergency Program Coordinator mbarney@sooke.ca
Chris McCrea, Captain cmccrea@sooke.ca
Cam Norris-Jones, Captain cnorrisjones@sooke.ca
Grayson Kerr, Firefighter gkerr@sooke.ca
Ben Temple, Firefighter btemple@sooke.ca
Julie Barlow, Fire Services/Emergency Program Assistant jbarlow@sooke.ca