Public Alert Notification System (PANS): Alertable

Last updated April 27, 2021

During an emergency or significant event, it is important to seek local information. Threats and subsequent actions can differ according to a geographic location – even within the Greater Victoria region. The District of Sooke has partnered with the CRD on their Public Alert Notification System (PANS). Sooke residents are encouraged to register to receive Sooke-specific emergency-related public alert notifications by phone, text, or email. SIGN UP HERE >>

Please note: As required by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) any alerts sent via Alert Ready (the Wireless Public Alerting System provided by the Provincial and Federal Government) will take precedence over any notifications you receive via the Public Alert Notification System. Read more >>

Stay informed with Alertable notifications

Use Alertable to stay aware – keep yourself and others informed during an emergency with Alertable.

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When will the emergency alert notification system be used?

The system will be used to notify residents in the case of a safety incident such as a wildfire, tsunami, or evacuation notice.

Do I have to pay to receive phone or text notifications?

No, the service is completely free of charge.

What if I don't sign up?

You will only receive notifications if you sign up for this service, however, information will still be available from the District website and local media coverage.

Will my contact information be shared?

No. The information provided is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

When I enter my phone number, it says ‘invalid phone number’, why?

When entering your phone number, make sure that you do not put a 1 in front of the number or use dashes (-) between the numbers. If you would like to receive a phone call rather than a text message for emergency notifications, please use the appropriate ‘click here’ button above.

Can I register more than one phone number or email address?

Yes, you can register as many phone numbers and email addresses as you would like.

How do I unregister my phone number?

To unsubscribe from SMS or phone notifications, go to the signup form on the PEASI Page.  Select ‘Existing Subscriber’ and enter your phone number and click/tap ‘Sign In’.  Enter the access code that will be sent to your phone number. Select ‘Close Account’ and confirm that you no longer want to receive email notifications.

How do I receive alerts if my mobile phone is on silent?

The best way to ensure that you hear notifications even when your mobile phone’s volume is off is to download the Alertable app and turn on ‘Override Silent Mode’. The Public Alert Notification System uses multiple phone numbers to send emergency notifications to ensure that subscribers receive notifications right away; there is no contact number that can be saved in your contacts to bypass the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving emails from the alert notification system?

To unsubscribe from email notifications, go to the signup form on the PEASI Page. Select ‘Existing Subscriber’ and enter your email address and click/tap ‘Sign In’. Enter the access code that will be sent to your email address. Select ‘Close Account’ and confirm that you no longer want to receive email notifications.

How can I learn more about the system?

The Alertable system is powered by PEASI, a Canadian Company providing Public Alert Notification System services to businesses, communities, and government agencies across Canada. All data is stored in highly secured Data Centres located in Canada.

Learn more about PEASI by clicking here.

Having problems registering?

For technical issues, including support for registration and opting out, please contact Alertable Customer Service at

For more information, please visit the Alertable FAQ page here.

ABOUT THE PROVINCIAL ALERTING SYSTEM: British Columbia’s wireless public alerting system is called “Alert Ready” and does not replace the need for the CRD’s Public Alert Notification System. For more information on Alert Ready, visit Emergency Info BC.