Secondary Suites

A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit located within a single family house. A small suite is a self-contained dwelling unit in an accessory building detached from the principal building. Both types of suites must be capable of being occupied year round and provide for living, sleeping, cooking, sanitation, food storage and preparation. Suites can not exceed 90 m2 in floor area.

In order to have a secondary or small suite, the Sooke Zoning Bylaw must allow the use on the property. Please call the Development Services Department to confirm whether or not a secondary or small suite is permitted in a particular zone. To find out the current zoning of a property, refer to the online Zoning Maps and the Zoning Bylaw.

Required application:

  • Building Permit Required for construction of all secondary or small suites

Possible application:

  • Rezoning Required for properties with zoning that does not currently allow a secondary or small suite.

The Development Services department is available to assist with Zoning or Building Permit questions. To make an appointment, please phone: 250-642-1634.