First Nations & Indigenous Relationships

The District of Sooke occupies the unceded traditional territories of the T’Sou-ke and Scia’new Nations. Central to Sooke’s history, we recognize the ongoing presence, influence and rights of these Nations within the community. It is with tremendous gratitude that we have the honour to call these lands home.

We appreciate the opportunity to build strong working relationships with the T’Sou-ke First Nation based on learning, openness, humility and respect.

From the T’Sou-ke Nation:

“In the SENĆOŦEN language, the word T’Sou-ke is the name of the Stickleback fish that live in the estuary of the river. Exposure to Europeans through the Hudson’s Bay Company saw the name changed first to Soke and then Sooke. That English name is now common and is used for many things including the name of our neighbouring town, the river and basin, the main road.”

We have a shared responsibility to be stewards of the land within our communities and on the territory that connects us.To better understand this responsibility, you are invited to watch these videos:

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