Official Community Plan (OCP) Review

Although some initial community input was sought in 2017, the District of Sooke Bylaw 400, also known as the Official Community Plan has been identified for review in 2019 in conjunction with the Transportation Master Plan and the Parks and Trails Master Plan which are scheduled to begin later this year.  For clarity, the existing bylaw remains in place until a new bylaw is adopted.

What is the Official Community Plan?

The OCP represents the community’s vision for the future and provides a framework to guide growth and decisions about the use and management of land and resources in the District of Sooke. The OCP describes how and where residential, commercial, and other types of development will occur; guides the provision of necessary road, water, sewer, and other infrastructure; and provides policies concerning environmental, economic, community health and well-being.

Email any questions, comments or concerns regarding the OCP to:
District of Sooke
Planning Department