Wildfire Prevention

Updated May 31, 2023

Communities are experiencing a serious and sustained increase in extreme wildfire behaviour in what we call the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zone. The WUI is the transition between infrastructure and the natural landscape.

Residents and neighbourhoods can take simple steps to reduce the impact of wildfire. The time to reduce the threat of wildfire is now, not when fire is at your doorstep. Be prepared, get FireSmart and stay informed.

Be Prepared

Prepare your friends, family, and household

Several publications are available, both online and in print form to assist the public in preparing for all emergencies including wildfire. Visit our Emergency Planning page to learn more about other resources.

Get FireSmart

Use FireSmart Principles

FireSmarting your property will decrease the risk of wildfire damaging and/or burning down your home. The following FireSmart resources can help assess and protect your home.

Schedule a FREE FireSmart Home Assessment

Not sure where to start? Schedule a free home assessment for an on-site evaluation and action report with recommendations on the next steps to FireSmart your home and property. Book online anytime or call Sooke Fire Rescue at 250-642-5422.

Schedule a FireSmart Info Session

Schedule an information session at no cost for community groups, strata councils, businesses, and schools. Learn more about how you can help increase our wildfire resiliency. Topics include wildfire risk, the wildland urban interface, FireSmart principles, and how to protect your home and property.

  • Contact Sooke FireSmart at 250-642-5422 to book.

Attend a FireSmart Event

Check out all upcoming FireSmart events happening around the community! Events include public information sessions, workshops, community clean-ups and more. Learn how to become FireSmart and reduce your risk from wildfire.

Neighbourhood Recognition Program

The Neighbourhood Recognition program can support greater wildfire risk reduction activities to a neighbourhood, bringing multiple residents together with the same goal. This program has five steps including forming a committee, and completing a neighbourhood assessment, plan, event, and online application.

  • Contact Sooke FireSmart at 250-642-5422 to learn more.

Stay Informed

Sign-Up for Alertable

Sooke Alertable provides fast, and reliable notifications to keep yourself and others aware of community-wide emergency events.

Subscribe to FireSmart Updates

Join our Sooke FireSmart Group where you will receive monthly email updates about the local program including the latest initiatives, and resources to help build our community resilience to wildfire.

Contact Us

  • Call the Sooke Fire Rescue Department and ask for your local FireSmart Coordinator.
  • Phone: 250-642-5422
  • Email: firedepartment@sooke.ca
  • 2205 Otter Point Road, Sooke, BC, V9Z 1J2