Fire Inspections

The Sooke Fire Rescue Department conducts fire and life safety inspections on a regular basis. There are two types of inspections completed: Code Inspections, and Company Level Inspections.

Code inspections are completed on all commercial, industrial, high risk, and multi family occupancies within the District of Sooke. The codes referenced are the BC Fire Code and the BC Building Code. Sooke Fire Rescue follows the Fire Services Act as mandated by the British Columbia Provincial Government and the Office of the Fire Commissioner. Code inspections are completed by Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC). The District of Sooke has approximately 350 inspectable properties. Each property is be to inspected according to the Office of the Fire Commissioner’s frequency of inspections schedule, based on occupancy and type of business and risk levels.

Company Level Inspections are completed by regular members of Sooke Fire Rescue. These inspections are intended to identify and correct immediate life safety hazards. As well, these are meant to identify and note any potential code violations for referral to the Fire Inspector.

Pre Incident Planning plays a significant role in an emergency response. The safety of occupants, firefighters, and protection of property can be increased significantly with accurate pre incident plans. Sooke Fire Rescue strives to create and maintain pre incident plans for all high value, and high risk occupancies within the District of Sooke. If you are a small business owner and would like to assist us with creating a pre incident plan for your business, please contact Sooke Fire Rescue Department at 250-642-5422.