Multi-use Sports Box at Raven Ridge Park

Thanks to an $892,778 Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture, and Recreation Program grant and $400,000 contribution from Sunriver Estates, the District of Sooke and the Capital Regional District constructed the multi-use sport box, located at 2430 Phillips Road.

The Sport Box is built to box-lacrosse dimensions and accommodates additional activities such as ball hockey, futsal, recreational roller sports and community events. Future plans include installing basketball nets.

SEAPARC is responsible for operation of the facility, and may schedule activities through out the year. The facility is available for bookings – and we encourage the community to enjoy the sport box at their leisure during operating hours.

Rules & Park Etiquette

The facility is operated by SEAPARC.

  • This is an unsupervised facility. Use at your own risk. SEAPARC is not responsible for injury to sport box users or spectators, nor damage or theft of personal property.
  • Keep the Sport Box clean. Check the area for any debris or hazards (rocks, sticks, tools, etc) before use.
  • Use of Sport Box in wet or severe weather conditions may increase the risk of accident/injury.
  • Do not alter sport box design or technical features. Alterations will be removed.
  • Permits are required for exclusive or commercial use.
  • Pets are not permitted in the Sport Box.
  • Report any suspicious or illegal activity to the RCMP at 250.642.5241
  • For Sport Box bookings or concerns please contact 250.642.8000
  • Please abide by SEAPARC Code of Conduct.

Background Information

The District of Sooke acquired 4 ha (40,000 m²) of parkland in 2015. The subject property, 2430 Phillips Road, is zoned P2 (Community Facilities), located within the Sooke River Watershed, and is accessible from the shared access driveway located at 2448 Phillips Road with Sooke School District #62.

The new multi-use sports box recreational facility meets the goals and objectives of Section 4.11 Leisure/Recreational Services and Facilities in the Official Community Plan. The development conforms to the required maximum lot coverage and required setbacks for structures and lands adjacent to residential zones and CD zones as per its current P2 (Community Facilities) zoning.

The District’s recreational partner SEAPARC identified the community need for an outdoor boarded multi-use sports box in their 2015 Strategic Plan.

Recommendation #1 in the medium-term initiatives of the SEAPARC Strategic Plan included an outdoor multi-use sports box in their list of required infrastructure. Additionally, the District of Sooke’s Parks and Trails Master Plan from 2020 recommends the development of a lacrosse/multi-use sports court for the subject property parkland site. At this time (2021-2022), the development project is primarily focused on the recently awarded grant deliverables which include the sports box, washroom and parking allocation.

The new multi-use sports box recreational facility is built to box-lacrosse dimensions and will accommodate additional activities including basketball, ball hockey, futsal (soccer variation) as well as community events. It may also be used for recreational roller sports.

Subsequent park master planning will take place at a later date.