Road Maintenance

Updated January 5, 2023

Victoria Contracting (Ansan Group) is the District of Sooke’s municipal roads maintenance contractor. Highway 14 and the Edward Milne frontage road is maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure; their maintenance contractor is Emcon Services.

To report any road issues or request road maintenance, you may:

  • Contact the District of Sooke by phone 250-642-1634 – leave a message if outside office hours; or
  • Contact Emcon Services at 1-866-353-3136 for items pertaining Highway 14 and the Edward Milne frontage road.

Typical road conditions that could be reported are the following;

  • Potholes
  • Damaged/missing signage
  • Shoulder condition along edge of road
  • Blockages in ditches/drainage course
  • Roadway cleanliness
  • Overgrown bushes & trees for sightlines and pedestrian safety
  • Graffiti

Current Road Conditions

Refer to for current conditions on Highway 14. 

Annual Brush Cutting Program

Annual brush cutting of District of Sooke roadways takes place through a coordinated approach each summer. Patience from drivers as this important work, over a 4-week period, is completed is appreciated.

Brush Cutting includes mowing, chopping, and chipping to keep roadways clear. LEARN MORE >>

Annual Line Painting Program

Annual painting of District of Sooke roadway lines takes place through a coordinated approach each summer. Contractors work through the evening and early morning hours for several days until completion.  Some daytime work may also take place.

Each year, line painting is split into two tasks: curbs and symbols (crosswalks and stop bars) and long lines (centerlines and fog lines). Road markings in Sooke conform to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Manual of Standard Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings. LEARN MORE >>

Annual Street Sweeping Program

Every May, our annual street sweeping program swings into action. This initiative plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of our roads and enhancing the overall safety and cleanliness of our community.

Over time, debris, sand, and other pollutants accumulate on our streets, posing hazards to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. By sweeping our roads, we remove these obstacles, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safer travel for everyone.

Additionally, accumulated debris can accelerate wear and tear on pavement surfaces, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. By proactively removing debris, we extend the lifespan of our roadways, saving taxpayer dollars in the long run.

Winter Road Maintenance

Road contractors make use of specific weather technology to monitor when cold weather is coming.

What happens when cold weather is forecasted?

Crews work around the clock pre-treating our roads with an anti-icing brine to reduce potentially hazardous conditions.  The anti-icing brine can stay on the road for a number of days helping to reduce the bonding of snow and from ice freezing to the pavement providing a safer driving road surface. 

Which roads are cleared of snow first?

When a lot of snowfall is likely, the contractors have a commitment to ensure priority (high volume) routes are safe and passable. In some weather events, although best efforts will be made to complete at least one pass of side streets, this is not always possible. 

Victoria Contracting clears roadways in beginning with critical routes such as:

  • bus routes
  • school zones
  • critical intersections.

Staffing levels and equipment supply can impact availability servicing roads. Victoria Contracting strives to reach every municipal road within 48 hours, but their first and foremost responsibility is clearing these critical routes.

Local roads may be plowed to accommodate single lane traffic only during the first pass of the plow. This is a temporary measure, and if the weather is not likely to warm, the roads may be revisited and cleared more substantially once priority routes are reasonably maintained.

Brine is to be applied in advance of and during a forecasted weather event to minimize the development of slippery surface conditions on roadways and to facilitate the removal of snow, compact snow and ice, as appropriate for the location. However, the roads will likely still be slippery. Please use extreme caution.

If you have a specific concern, such as black ice on a steep hill or a sharp curve, please contact the District of Sooke at 250.642.1634.  


Residents and business owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks that border their property. Please be a good neighbour and help to keep Sooke safe by keeping walkways clear.

How else you can help when we experience snow

  • Please do not drive if your vehicle is not equipped for winter driving.
  • When clearing driveways, help snow plow crews out by not shoveling snow towards the road. As they navigate clearing, they are constantly adjusting the plow so as to minimize pushing snow into driveways and getting salt on cars. Let’s do our best to work together.
  • Clear your catch basins as the snow melts.
  • Check in on your neighbours. In extreme weather conditions, it takes the entire community to ensure our well-being and safety.

Looking to request more snow removal resources?

If snow clearing is a priority for you, communicate the need for additional resources through the Citizen Budget Survey available mid-June to mid-July each year. Generally, we have heard from those who participate in this survey and through budget information stations resources can be better utilized elsewhere.