Payment of Property Taxes

Property taxes are due by Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

Property tax notices will be mailed to all property owners the last week of May or the first week of June. As of July 4, 2023, a 10% penalty will be applied to all outstanding current-year property taxes.

To claim your Homeowners Grant online, click here.

Ways To Pay

After your tax notice is received, please make payment before the July 4, 2023 due date to avoid penalties.

Online Banking through Financial Institution

Online banking through Financial Institutions:
Pay online if your financial institution offers this service. Enter your folio number, minus the decimal, as your account number.

Should you choose to use this option of payment, your Home Owner Grant application must be received by July 4, 2023 or prior to avoid penalty. Home Owner Grant applications can be completed online before July 4, 2023 to avoid penalty.

In-person at District of Sooke Municipal Hall

In-Person At District of Sooke Municipal Hall:
The District of Sooke office is open Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Cash, cheque and interact payments are accepted. Credit card payment is not accepted.

The Municipal office will remain open until 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 29th for homeowners to make their tax payments. Please note that the Municipal office will be closed on July 1st (Canada Day).

After Hours Drop-off

After Hours Drop-off
A drop box is available for non-cash payments. It is conveniently located at the entrance to the municipal hall.

Payment by Cheque

Payment by cheque
Please make your cheque payable to the DISTRICT OF SOOKE. Cheques may be postdated to July 4, 2023. Dishonoured cheques constitute non-payment of taxes and will be subject to penalty, interest and a $35.00 service charge.

Payment by Mail

Payment by mail
Payment (in Canadian dollars) must be received at the Municipal Hall by July 4, 2023. Mail early to avoid penalty. Mail lost or delayed by the post office will be subject to a penalty.

Payment by Mortgage Company

Payment by Mortgage Company
Your mortgage company will show on your tax notice and they will receive your tax information directly from the District of Sooke. If you are eligible for the home owner grant you are still required to submit your application online on or before July 4, 2022 to avoid penalty.

If not already set up on a pre-authorized payment plan: You can pre-pay your 2024 property taxes on a monthly pre-authorized basis starting August 4, 2023. The Property Tax Pre-Authorized Payment Plan is an optional payment plan that provides an opportunity for taxpayers to make equal monthly payments. Payments will be processed as 10 equal payments and collected on the first business day of each month, commencing in August of the year preceding the tax due date, and ending in May of the year in which the taxes become due. An 11th payment will be withdrawn for any property taxes still owing on the due date in July.

Find the Property-Tax-Pre-Authorization-Withdrawl-System-Form here >>

Important Reminder: your Home Owner Grant application must be received by July 4, 2023,  or prior, to avoid penalty. Home Owner Grant applications can be completed online before July 4, 2023 to avoid penalty.

Additional Property Tax Payment Information

Taxes in Arrears
Taxes in arrears (balance from last calendar year) are subject to interest under Provincial legislation. Properties with taxes in arrears will be sold on September 30, 2024 unless the taxes in arrears with interest are paid.

Delinquent Taxes
Taxes that are delinquent are subject to interest under Provincial Legislation. Properties with delinquent 2021 taxes will be sold on September 24, 2023 unless the delinquent taxes with interest are paid.

Interest on arrears and delinquent taxes is charged from January 1, 2024 to the date of payment. Please call the Municipal Hall at 250-642-1634 for the actual amount of interest owing.