How Local Government Works

In British Columbia, local government is considered the most accessible level of government:

  • Local citizens are elected by the community to serve on the Council or Board;
  • All meetings are open to the public and public can speak directly to the Council or Board;
  • Citizens participate directly by volunteering on committees or commissions.

The citizens of the District of Sooke voted to become a municipality in 1999 and upon incorporation elected their first Mayor and Council . This first Council began the ongoing task of establishing bylaws and policies for the planning for the community’s future and for the provision of services.

Local Government in BC – A Community Effort (UBCM, LGMA, Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development)

Community Participation

Local government provides many opportunities for its citizens to participate in the planning and management of their own community. A citizen may:

  • Run for Mayor or Councillor
  • Vote at general elections or public approval opportunities
  • Participate in public consultations and public hearings.
  • Attend council or committee/commission meetings
  • Volunteer for a committee or commission

As a citizen of the District of Sooke, you may at any time make your views known. It is usually best to begin with the contacting the appropriate municipal department or staff person, but citizens may also present their views to Council in writing or in person at a Council meeting.

In order to appear before Council as a delegation at a Council Meeting, you need to submit a written request to the Corporate Officer by 4:30 pm on the Tuesday before the scheduled Council Meeting. The request can either be by way of this form or a separate letter that you have written which contains the information requested on this form. You can submit your request in person, by mail or by fax at 250-642-0541

If you wish to make a presentation to Council or let Council know how you feel about an issue, please contact the Corporate Services.