Church/Throup Roundabout Reaches Substantial Completion

Thursday, May 16, 2024 – The District of Sooke is pleased to announce the substantial completion of the Church/Throup Roundabout, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing development of our transportation infrastructure!

Over the coming weeks, our team will work with contractors to ensure that these final touches are completed to the highest standards, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of this intersection.

The completion of the Church/Throup Roundabout is just one step in our commitment to implementing the initiatives outlined in the District of Sooke’s Transportation Master Plan. Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the next phases of plan implementation as captured during the 2024 budget process, which include:

Design Phase (2024):

  • Charters South
  • Throup Connector
  • Phillips Connector
  • Ella Road

Current Projects Identified for 2025:

  • Charters Road North (2024-2025 build-out)
  • Charters Corridor South (2025)
  • Charters + Hwy 14 Intersection (2025)
  • Ella Road (2025)
  • Throup Road Design (Charters to Church/Throup Roundabout)

Pending funding, we are also planning for the building out of the Thorup Road Connector, scheduled for 2026-2027. Additionally, in 2027, we aim to commence the construction of the Phillips Road Connector Project, further enhancing connectivity and accessibility within our community.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the residents for their understanding and cooperation throughout the construction period. We are committed to continuing our efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure in Sooke for the benefit of all.

For further information and updates on transportation projects in Sooke and to follow the implementation of the Transportation Master Plan, please visit:

Media Contact:
Christina Moog, Communications Coordinator
Tel: 250.642.1634, ext. 678