Tree Planting at John Phillips Memorial Park on November 22 at 9am

Friday, November 17, 2023 – John Phillips Memorial Park will soon be home to nine new trees thanks to the Friends of Sooke Parks Society and a District of Sooke Community Climate Action Seed Funding Grant.

The trees will be planted along the Stickleback Urban Trail on the Nott Brook Pond side of the park during a tree planting event at 9am on Wednesday, November 22nd.

Trees help improve air quality, provide habitat for wildlife, and reduce the effects of climate change. They also provide a beautiful and calming atmosphere for visitors to the park.

Anyone interested in joining the Friends of Sooke Parks Society with their efforts can reach out to the group through their website:

About the Trees

The FireSmart trees will border a main pathway into John Phillips Park and the intention is to create a majestic boulevard of trees at maturity.  Two species were selected that nicely contrast each other in their natural shape and seasonal colours while complimenting the local ecosystem:

LITTLE LEAF LINDEN (Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’)

The Greenspire Linden tree has a strong central leader and matures into a pyramidal shape.  The leaves are a dark green turning to a bright gold/yellow in autumn. The Linden tree features subtle clusters of fragrant yellow flowers below the branches in early season.

  • Height at Maturity (30 yrs) 40-45 ft
  • Spread at Maturity (30 yrs)  30 ft.

BURGUNDY BELLE MAPLE (Acer rubrum ‘Magnificent Magenta’)

This Red Maple has an upright oval shape at maturity. The leaves emerge with a red flush in spring before turning dark green.  In the fall the leaves turn bright red and deepen to Burgundy for a long-lasting show of autumn colour.

  • Height at Maturity (30 yrs)  45 ft
  • Spread at Maturity (30 yrs)  40 ft