New Short-Term Rental Rules in Effect

Monday, May 6, 2024 – In response to the housing crisis, the province has new regulations governing short-term rentals, including those in Sooke.The primary objective of these regulations is to address the housing shortage by encouraging the conversion of short-term rental units back into long-term residences.

Under the new rules, short-term rentals are restricted to principal residences in many BC communities, including Sooke. We understand some misinformation may be circulating that Sooke is exempt; this is not the case.

Operators of such rentals must obtain a business license and prominently display it on their premises. Furthermore, they must post their license number in their online listings.

To ensure compliance with these regulations, the Province has established a dedicated Compliance and Enforcement Unit (CEU) within the Short-Term Rental Branch of the Ministry of Housing. The CEU is tasked with monitoring adherence to provincial short-term rental rules.

Members of the public are encouraged to report any suspected violations of these regulations by short-term rental hosts or platforms to the CEU via the Public Tip Information Form.

To learn more about new rules on short-term rentals, including what they mean for you as a host or as a guest, please visit the provincial website: