Navigating the Sooke Commute: Moving Forward

Thursday, February 1, 2024 – As the population in Sooke continues to grow, the challenges of commuting to and from the community have become more pronounced, particularly along the critical artery, Highway 14. Recognizing the frustrations residents face, the District is actively pursuing a multi-faceted approach to address traffic congestion and enhance transportation options.

Our approach includes:

  • Collaboration with MOTI: Council has invited MOTI representatives to attend an upcoming public meeting. As soon as this date is known, we will keep you informed.
  • Transportation Master Plan Implementation: The District is implementing its Transportation Master Plan to improve traffic flow on local roads, aiming to alleviate congestion off Highway 14 as quickly as resources allow. Follow the progress at
  • Carpooling Considerations: The District is exploring the possibility of a mobile app and partnerships with major employers to promote carpooling. Residents are encouraged to join the Facebook Sooke Carpool Group for ride-sharing opportunities if on that platform.
  • Trail Expansion and Pedestrian Travel Enhancements: When development proposals come forward, through the internal referral process staff identify alignment with the Parks and Trails Master Plan to help realize this infrastructure at the most opportune times.
  • BC Transit Operations: Despite recent challenges, Council advocates for increased BC Transit capacity and reliability, especially during peak times. Efforts to update the fleet are underway, as highlighted by MLA Parmar on January 30, 2024.
  • Local Employment Opportunities: The District has created a new position in recent years. The Community Economic Development Officer is working on strategies to create local job opportunities, reducing the need for commuting.

Specific projects underway include:

  • Church/Throup Roundabout.
  • Charters Road Upgrade.
  • Highway 14 and Church Road, including Lanark Road Connection.
  • Highway 14 and Charters Road under early development.
  • Throup Road Extension under early development.
  • Trail Expansion Projects including Gollege to Stan Jones Ball Fields and Little River (Demamiel Creek) Pedestrian Crossing.
  • École Poirier Elementary School Active School Route Pilot Project.

Projects under exploration include:

  • Phillips Road Intersection
  • Collaboration with School District 62

These initiatives represent a comprehensive approach to improving traffic conditions and safety in Sooke. The District encourages residents to stay tuned for updates and appreciates their involvement in the positive transformation of the community.

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