41 EMCS Students Help Our Community Resilience with “FireSmart Champions” Event

Thursday, May 18, 2023Yesterday, 41 youths participated in “FireSmart Champions”, a new community program through the implementation of the Sooke 2030 Climate Action Plan. The team, including Laura Black from Sooke Broombusters and Ashlene Aktarian from Sooke Fire Services, targeted the species along Highway 14 near Lazzar and Idlemore Roads.

Broom is not only invasive, harming native plants and threatening coastal biodiversity, but it can be a significant fire risk. It’s highly flammable, making it a hazard everywhere, especially along highways, in power line corridors, and in dry forests.

Many thanks to all for their great work and help in building our community’s resilience!

REMINDER! Free scotch broom drop-off is available for Sooke Residents on Saturday’s May 27th to June 17th from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Parks Yard, 2070 Kaltasin Road.

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