Seaparc Lift Installation Improves Facility Pool and Hot Tub Access

Thursday, September 14, 2023 – SEAPARC announced a new accessibility lift has been installed to support visitors wishing to use the lap pool and hot tub this week.

This lift is one of two new features improving access for facility users occurring this year in the local aquatic centre. The second, a bed lift for the universally accessible change room, is set to arrive in early October.

“If require the use of the accessibility lift, please let reception know when you arrive and a lifeguard will have it ready for use,” SEAPARC staff explain.

The District thanks SEAPARC, our primary recreation service provider, for their work in supporting the health and well-being of Sooke residents.

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SEAPARC Lifeguard, Jacklyn Evans, is ready to assist with the new lift