Residents Invited to Budget Open House on April 3

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – The District of Sooke is excited to announce its upcoming Budget Open House, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, from 2:00 pm to 7:30 pm at Municipal Hall located at 2205 Otter Point Road.

This event provides an opportunity for residents to engage with their local government and gain insight into the District’s participatory budget process. Starting with the annual budget survey conducted from mid-June to mid-August each year, residents play a vital role in shaping the budget discussions. We extend our sincere appreciation to the over 1,000 residents who participated, providing invaluable input that has informed this year’s budget deliberations from the outset.

The Budget Open House represents the culmination of resident engagement efforts, service level discussions, and capital project planning with the Council. Attendees will have the chance to learn about key priorities for the upcoming year and future planning initiatives, particularly in the realm of transportation infrastructure and community development. Light refreshments will also be provided.

For 2024, the budget includes a 10.53% increase to general municipal taxes. For residential taxes, this is equivalent to $147.12 per year or $12.26 per month increase for the average assessed property in Sooke.

The investments being made within the proposed budget include:

Community Safety:

  • Transitioning to 24/7 policing;
  • Continued support for 24/7 fire rescue services; and
  • Addition of an additional Bylaw Officer.

Transportation Infrastructure:

  • Church/Throup Roundabout (2023-2024 Project);
  • Charters Road North (2024-2025 Project);
  • Little River Pedestrian Crossing (2024-2025 Project);
  • $400,000 investment in bridge maintenance (Connie Road Bridge, Todd Creek Bridge, Phillips Road Bridge);
  • $150,000 towards the annual patch and pave program; and
  • Transit Stop, Streetlight, and Crosswalk Improvements.

Transportation Design (Transportation and Community Planning):

  • Charters South Road Design (Construction anticipated for 2025);
  • Charters Intersection Design (Construction anticipated for 2025);
  • Ella Road Design (Construction anticipated for 2025);
  • Throup Connector Design (Construction anticipated for 2026-2027, pending funding);
  • Phillips Road Design (Construction anticipated for 2027, pending funding); and
  • Wadams Transit Exchange Design (Construction alongside development of “Lot A”)

Community Planning:

  • Asset Management Program (2% Contribution identified for 2024);
  • Stakeholder Engagement on a New Subdivision Standards Bylaw;
  • Stakeholder Engagement on DCC Updates; and
  • OCP Re-engagement and implementation/application of new Provincial Housing Legislation.

Parks, Greenspaces, and Environment:

  • Ravens Ridge Park Enhancements (2023-2024 Project);
  • $150,000 towards annual rain/stormwater management;
  • $100,000 towards the annual playground program;
  • $75,000 towards pier and boardwalk maintenance and repairs;
  • $75,000 towards park asset maintenance and repairs; and
  • Renewal of the Community Climate Action Seed Funding Program.

Residents are encouraged to attend this Open House to gain insights into the District’s budget priorities and to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the future of our community.

What happens after the budget is adopted?

Following adoption, the District will receive third-party tax information in the spring.

Once third-party tax information is received, the Tax Rate Bylaw will be presented to Council in April. Subsequently, property tax notices will be mailed out in late May or early June, with payments due by July 2, 2024.

As property taxes are being collected, preparations for the 2025 budget will commence, with the Annual Budget Survey available from mid-June to mid-August. Residents will also have opportunities to connect with Council members and staff throughout the summer at various engagements, including local markets and community events.

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