Invitation to Participate in Watershed Protection Research Project

Royal Roads University Student Seeks Local Expertise to Enhance Watershed Protection Awareness

Friday, January 26, 2024 — Heba Dakhlallah, a master’s student at Royal Roads University specializing in Environment and Management, is reaching out to local community members to participate in a research project that aims to raise awareness about the Sooke River watershed in British Columbia.

Dakhlallah recognizes the valuable contributions that individuals within the community of Sooke can make to this initiative. Community members are invited to partake in in-depth interviews or focus groups, delving into their local knowledge of watersheds, community initiatives, future aspirations for the watershed, and effective communication strategies to support watershed education. This collaborative effort seeks to create impactful and customized materials for watershed protection awareness.

What to Anticipate

Time Commitment: Participants are kindly asked to allocate approximately 30-45 minutes for the interview. An additional 30 minutes will be needed to review provided scripts, which will be sent shortly before the session. Participants will have a week to review, edit, and contribute as necessary.

Location: Participants have the flexibility to choose between in-person interviews or virtual sessions via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Date and Time: To be determined and coordinated with participants individually.

Your Impact

The involvement of local community members will not only elevate public awareness and knowledge but will also actively support potential future initiatives undertaken by the District of Sooke.

Your Voluntary Choice

Participation is entirely optional, and individuals are welcome to withdraw before the interview. After the discussion, participants will be given one week to review and confirm their contributions. If preferred, responses can be kept entirely anonymous. It is important to note that the interview will be recorded for analysis purposes.


If you find this opportunity intriguing and are willing to share your thoughts, please reach out to Heba Dakhlallah through the following contact information before February 11, 2024:

“Your perspective is invaluable. I genuinely hope community members will consider participating in this enriching conversation.”

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