Community Update, June 13, 2024: Charters Road Construction Project

Thursday, June 13, 2024 – The District is pleased to offer this update on the Charters Road construction project:

The Charters Road project is progressing well through this early phase of the current construction period. With preparatory work, including excavation, being carried out in collaboration with environmental and cultural stakeholders to align with the fisheries window the project is currently on schedule. While unforeseen circumstances are more common than anyone would like with construction projects, mobilization at the site to coordinate works that can only occur during the fisheries window is on track!

One of the significant milestones achieved in recent days is rerouting some of the underground infrastructure, such as sewer services. This less visible aspect of our infrastructure is essential to maintain smooth operations.

Starting today, a rock crusher is positioning on a neighbouring property. This will bring several benefits to the community! It means we can reduce the number of dump trucks traveling through Sooke and lessens a few more vehicles travelling on Highway 14 and local roads. Plus, it saves time and resources by bringing materials directly to the construction site. While it’s too early for us to confirm this can progress works more quickly, it’s a welcome consideration.

Looking ahead, the next phase of construction involves work in the stream. This phase can only happen between June 15 and September 15 to protect sensitive habitats, so it’s crucial that the project team is ready to meet these milestones. Over the next two weeks, the team is working towards:

  • removing the old culvert and installing a new box culvert.
  • completing in-stream construction work to prepare for wall installation.

The District is committed to keeping the community informed about the progress of this critical infrastructure project and efforts to rebuild Charters Road. The next update will be provided on Thursday, June 27, 2024.


Open excavation as Charters Road is reconstructed, June 2024
Rock crusher mobilizes at the corner of Throup and Charters Roads, minimizing material transportation time and impact on Highway 14 and local roads, June 2024