Annual Line Painting Set for July 21st to 23rd

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 – Annual painting of District of Sooke roadway lines takes place through a coordinated approach each summer. Contractors work through the evening and early morning hours for several days until completion.  Some daytime work may also take place.

Each year, line painting is split into two tasks: curbs and symbols (crosswalks and stop bars) and long lines (centerlines and fog lines). Road markings in Sooke conform to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Manual of Standard Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings.

Maintaining the visibility of these lines is important for the safety of everyone in our community. Doing so in a coordinated fashion keeps residents informed of the activity taking place in their neighbours and supports sustainable fiscal management.

The current schedule for roads includes:

  • Brownsey Blvd
  • Charters Road
  • Church Road
  • Deerleepe Road
  • Eakin Road
  • Eustace Road
  • Gillespie Road
  • Goodridge Road
  • Grant Road
  • Helgeson Road
  • Maple Ave North
  • Maple Ave South
  • Otter Point Road
  • Phillips Road
  • Rhodonite Drive
  • Sooke Rievr Road
  • Sunriver Way
  • Throup Road
  • Wadams Way
  • Whiffin Spit Road

We appreciate your patience while line painting is in progress!

District of Sooke, 250.642.1634