Housing Needs Assessment Underway

This year, the District of Sooke is collecting information for the first Sooke Housing Needs Report through a Housing Needs Survey.

Over the last decade, the housing market in the District of Sooke and the Capital Regional District has seen remarkable changes; home ownership prices have increased dramatically and the availability of rental housing in Sooke is very low. The District is experiencing the pressures of growth; specifically, in residential development. To help ensure that the District is meeting the needs of the community a comprehensive and holistic Housing Needs Report is required. A Housing Needs Report is a means for the District to better understand the current and future housing needs. The report will provide an overview of the District’s current housing availability, suitability, and affordability across the entire housing spectrum from basic shelter to the availability of high-end real estate.

In early 2019, the province made these reports a requirement and inserted the legislation into The Local Government Act and the Vancouver Charter. Communities in BC are now required to report on current and projected housing needs and collect approximately 50 kinds of data about current and projected population, household income, significant economic sectors, and the currently available and anticipated housing units. The projections must look at least five years forward and be updated every five years.

Every household should have access to housing that is affordable, adequate and suitable for their incomes, household size, and needs. A link to the survey can be found below which will be open until the end of August. District staff and Urbanics Consulting Ltd. will be joining the Canada Day festivities at the Sooke River Campsite to learn more from the community about housing needs. Come by and say hello!

Here is the link to the survey, please take a few minutes to complete the survey below: