Community Sports Box Breaking Ground

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 – Construction of the multi-use sports box at 2430 Phillips Road is set to begin July 5th.

In the coming days, temporary fencing will be installed, the sport box and parking lot sites will be excavated and backfilled with rock, and soil will be reallocated to create a new park greenspace. This site preparation work begins the first phase of project development.

“I like lacrosse and there is no where is Sooke to play,” shares young Mason in a letter to Council expressing his interest in the project. Mayor Tait highlights the journey to get here, “The community has expressed a strong desire for activities for youth and new recreation amenities in Sooke. Balancing this need in a fiscally prudent fashion is challenging. Our remarkable project partners with SEAPARC successfully obtained a grant, combined with a park reserve contribution from Sunriver Estates, means a new multi-use facility will be coming to Sooke early in the new year.”

“On behalf of the Sooke and Electoral Area Parks and Recreation Commission (SEAPARC), we look forward to continuing to work with neighbours on final design details and welcoming the community to this new facility early next year,” shares Commission Chair and District Councillor Al Beddows. “This is a long-awaited amenity and will be a great way to begin 2022,” Beddows adds.

The multi-use aspect of the project is key. While the facility will service lacrosse, it will also accommodate basketball, ball hockey, recreational roller sports, and community events.

Site preparation is anticipated to last 6-8 weeks. The design-build phase will follow with concrete pouring to form the box foundation anticipated in September. The facility is expected to open in early 2022.

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