Sooke By-Election ID Requirements and Voter Responsibilities

October 3, 2019
[Sooke, BC]

In light of concerns surrounding the recent by-election, the following information is provided relating to legislative requirements and voter responsibilities.

There is no legislated requirement to show identification (ID). If someone comes in to vote without ID, the individual can sign declarations as to their identity and residence. Please refer to the Voter Registration section indicating when ID is or is not required on the following provincial website:

It is important to note that municipalities have the option to conduct Voting Day Registration only. This means they do not use the provincial voters list and a handwritten list of electors is created at each voting opportunity/polling station and affords no opportunity to cross-reference those that have already voted. This same principle applies in the District of Sooke.

It is an election offence to vote fraudulently. Voters who vote twice in the same election would be considered to have voted fraudulently and are subject to penalties that includes fines up to $5000 and/or imprisonment up to one year, if convicted. It is the voter’s responsibility to adhere to the legislation. The District relies upon the legislative requirements under the Local Government Act and the declaration the voters takes before receiving their ballot.

Media Contact:
Carolyn Mushata
Chief Election Officer