Wave Hazard and King Tide Advisory for Whiffin Spit Park and Coastal Areas


January 10, 2020

Wave Hazard and King Tide Advisory for Whiffin Spit Park and Coastal Areas

[Sooke, BC] The District of Sooke has issued an advisory, urging the public to use extra caution on beaches and shorelines this weekend, Saturday, January 11th and 12th. Extreme high tides combined with surf may create hazardous conditions. The region will be experiencing king tides (exceptionally high tides) at approximately noon, from January 10-12, 2020.

Parks Canada, in an advisory issued January 9th, 2020, reported that “Very large wave conditions will create strong currents and shoreline flooding. Beaches can go from completely dry to several feet under water in only seconds. These surges can be powerful and unpredictable and have the potential to float or roll logs. When combined with high tides, waves can breach areas beyond the upper shoreline, including parking lots. (People) are advised to avoid in-water activities. Shoreline users are advised to stay well back from the water’s edge especially along rocky shorelines or islands.”

District of Sooke staff will continue to monitor conditions. Depending on the severity of the flooding seas, Whiffin Spit parking lot may be temporarily closed to protect visitor safety.

For more information, refer to the link below or contact the District of Sooke Parks Department at parks@sooke.ca

Respect the ocean- be coast smart! Learn before you go near the water at www.coastsmart.ca
Did you know that as little as 4 inches (10 centimeters) of water can move a 1 tonne log?

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