Update: What We Heard – FireSmart Community Consultation (Fall 2021)

Wednesday, December 21, 2021 – Thanks to the funding from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and their FireSmart Economic Recovery Fund grant, the District of Sooke is developing a FireSmart program. From October 15 to November 7, 2021 we asked residents how we can best assist them in becoming more FireSmart. Read the What We Heard Report and view the table below to see what we have identified as the next steps based on your input.

What We Heard
What We Are Doing
Most submissions noted that more FireSmart information and resources are needed for homeowners and the community. Online information, resources, and program updates are provided regularly on:

How do community members that do not have access to online materials receive print resources? The FireSmart program will continue to coordinate and plan for “Community Pop-Ups” around Sooke to provide printed resources and discuss FireSmart principles.

Anyone interested in printed FireSmart resources can visit Sooke Fire Rescue in-person and speak with the FireSmart Coordinator.

I am interested in participating in a FireSmart Information session to learn more about how I can protect my home and property from wildfire but would prefer this to be online. The FireSmart program is currently planning to provide FireSmart Information sessions online in the new year of 2022. Subscribe to the District’s e-newsletter to be notified of an upcoming session: sooke.ca > online services > subscribe
I am interested in participating in a FireSmart Information session to learn more about the program but would prefer to have one in-person. The FireSmart program is considering in-person information sessions in the Spring of 2022. We will continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 and follow public health orders and restrictions.
How do you remove yard waste and woody debris other than backyard burning? We are currently investigating alternative options for property owners and their yard waste/debris removal. If you need to perform an activity that creates woody debris, there are alternatives to backyard burning. This includes grass-cycling, composting, chipping, mulching, curbside pick-up, and hauling. There are several locations in the CRD to bring excess material to a transfer station including A&P Garbage Disposal & Recycling, and Sooke Soil.
How do I hear about FireSmart program updates or ask questions? FireSmart program updates will be posted through online messaging. Anyone can submit questions through Let’s Talk Sooke, email: firedept@sooke.ca or call 250.642.5422.
How do I start or know where to begin with FireSmarting my home and property? There are numerous resources online to support anyone getting started with FireSmart. However, the Sooke FireSmart program is offering FREE FireSmart Home Assessments where we can make specific recommendations to your property. Schedule a FireSmart Home Assessment by contacting Sooke Fire Rescue at 250.642.5422 or emailing firedept@sooke.ca.

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