Sign Up for Sooke Alertable to Receive Emergency Notifications

Monday, May 3, 2021 – Are you and your family prepared for an emergency such as a power outage, winter storm, earthquake, or tsunami? Having an emergency kit ready and seeking out reliable information sources are two ways for you to be prepared. Today, the District is announcing that a new emergency notification system is available; residents are encouraged to sign up

The District of Sooke is now using Alertable to send emergency notifications, replacing the previous public notification system. Alertable is free and easy to use.  You can receive emergency notifications directly through a mobile app on your phone, by text or email, on your home phone, home smart speaker, and more. You can personalize notifications by type and severity, and you can choose notifications for more than one location such as your home or office.

If you are currently subscribed to the previous notification system, you will receive an email or phone call, depending on how you originally chose to receive your emergency alert, with information on how to move to the new system. However, you can subscribe or resubscribe at any time at, so you do not need to wait for the prompt. As of May 3, 2021, the District will be exclusively using Alertable to send emergency notifications.

Sign up to receive Sooke Alertable notifications now: District of Sooke Alertable.

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Matt Barney, District of Sooke Emergency Program Coordinator and Deputy Fire Chief