Ministry of Environment Releases Fact Sheet on Burning in BC

The Ministry of Environment recently developed a fact sheet that outlines the environmental laws that apply to burning in BC. The fact sheet is available to the public by clicking here. This  fact sheet deals with requirements under the Environmental Management Act, and emphasizes that anyone burning material also must comply with any local bylaws that exist for fire protection and/or air quality. (Refer to District of Sooke Burning Regulations).

It is worth noting that backyard burning of garbage and other “prohibited materials” is not allowed under provincial law, except with specific authorization. Air pollution from burning of waste contains toxic pollutants, can generate plumes of smoke which are unsightly and/or a public safety concern, can generate odors, and can result in public complaints.

The Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation applies to burning vegetative material, and this regulation is currently under review.

If you have any questions about the fact sheet feel free to contact:

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 Air Quality Science Officers
Air Protection, B.C. Ministry of Environment

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