March 6 is World Lymphedema Day

Proclamation – “World Lymphedema Day”

WHEREAS Lymphedema is a disease afflicting more than 300 million people worldwide (World Health Organization) with disfigurement, disabilities, discomfort, pain, and distress; and

WHEREAS approximately 1,000,000 Canadians are living and suffering with lymphedema , whether: primary – inherited, present at birth or manifesting itself later in life, from genetic defects; or, secondary – developed from bodily trauma such as cancer treatment, radiation therapy, major surgery, severe burns or other injuries; and

WHEREAS lymphedema is an accumulation of high-protein lymphatic fluid that causes swelling in the body which impairs mobility, function, can cause pain, significantly impact quality of life, and lead to severe infection or the loss of use of limbs, for the affected person, regardless of age or gender; and

WHEREAS there is currently no cure for lymphedema; and

WHEREAS in recognition of the severe physical, emotional, psychosocial, and financial impacts and consequences lymphedema has on patients and families, it is time to support the courageous individuals living with this debilitating disease as well as their caregivers, both professionals and lay persons; and

WHEREAS 2019 marks the fourth annual year, where World Lymphedema Day is observed and recognized throughout Canada and the world to increase public attention, awareness and action related to this serious, chronic and progressive disease.

NOW, THEREFORE I, Mayor Maja Tait, on behalf of the District of Sooke, am pleased to proclaim March 6, 2019 as “World Lymphedema Day” in the District of Sooke.