Making it easier for you to stay informed

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 – Keen to stay informed about the district meetings and projects but not sure how? We have some solutions to make it easier for residents to understand what is happening at the District, how your tax dollars are being used, and exactly what services are operated by the District.

Subscribe to receive meeting notifications

Take 30 seconds to subscribe to district meeting notifications by subscribing through ‘E-Updates’, click HERE to begin and then:

  • check the box beside the meeting type(s) that you would like to subscribe to;
  • enter your email address;
  • complete the verification code;
  • you will receive an iCompass E-Updates Subscription Verification to your inbox, select “Verify your Email Address”.

The next time an update has occurred, you will receive a notification directly to your email inbox!

Make use of the property tax calculator

The District’s online services include a PROPERTY TAX CALCULATOR. Input your property assessment value and you will see how the district uses their portion of taxes paid. In 2020, the district received less than half of the funds paid through property taxes to maintain all departments including:

  • Fire & Emergency Planning
  • Bylaw Education & Compliance
  • Police
  • Operations: roads, sidewalks, sewer system)
  • Corporate & Financial Services: administrative legal requirements, occupational health and safety, information technology

The District collects funds on behalf of other agencies including Vancouver Island Regional Library, School Taxes, Capital Regional District, Capital Regional Hospital District, BC Assessment, Municipal Finance Authority and BC Transit. In 2020, municipal services accounted for 45% of your tax dollars, the remaining 55% was disbursed to these agencies.

Follow us on Twitter and YouTube

District meetings are streamed on YouTube, with new content coming soon – so it is a great platform to stay in the know on District activities.

The District updates Twitter multiple times each weekday. If you are not on Twitter, there is a live feed on the bottom right of the homepage of the district website you can access.

>>> Would you like to see the district on other social media platforms and/or issue an electronic newsletter? Let us know through this form.

Participate in surveys

The district values input from its citizens. Visit our online surveys page to see what opportunities are currently available or will be available soon.

News Archives

Concerned you may have missed an update or curious about a project update. Check out our news archive where these notices are posted. Have a friend who might be interested in the news item that has caught your attention? Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Facebook, Twitter, or Email icon to share the message on Facebook, through Twitter, or by email respectively.

Report an issue

Report an Issue is a tool found on the top right of the District website when accessing the site from a desktop device. On a mobile device, scroll down to Contacts (at the bottom) and select “Report an Issue”. Use this tool to let the district know about concerns in the community such as potholes, noise, municipal trees, park items, etc.

Get in touch

Send us an email at or give the district a call at 250.642.1634. We love to hear from you and would be happy to respond to your questions.

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