Lot A Design Charrette

The Charrette workshop was completed on December 9th and there was great turn out. Approximately 44 residents of Sooke attended the public open house portion and the stakeholder workshops were also very well attended with representation from numerous Sooke businesses, community organizations and Council members.

Consultants Keycorp Planning and Stantec will be presenting the resulting concept(s) to Council at a Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, January 21st in Council Chambers at 7pm. This will be an opportunity for open discussion between Council, staff, consultants and the public. The next steps in the process will be for the consultants to apply any changes resulting from discussions at Committee of the Whole and go out to the public one more time for final feedback and updates then follow with a report to a regular meeting of Council with recommendations for the Master Plan for Lot A.

Please contact the Sooke Head of Planning at (250) 642-1634 if you have any questions regarding the upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting or for further details as to how the Charrette went. You may also go to the following website for additional information https://www.sookelota.com