Loop Systems installed at Municipal Hall for Hearing Impaired

June 6, 2019
[Sooke, BC]

The District of Sooke has received funding through the Rick Hansen Foundation to install hearing loop systems in the main reception area at Municipal Hall and in Council Chambers.

Loop systems allow for individuals with hearing aids that are equipped with a “T-Coil feature” to stream spoken conversation directly to the device, eliminating background noise and clarifying speech. The installation of these systems will greatly improve the auditory experience for those with a hearing device while they conduct business at the municipal hall or participate in a Council meeting.

An across-the-counter hearing loop system has already been installed in the Municipal Hall reception area, and Council Chambers is expected to be up and running for the June 17, 2019 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

“Eliminating barriers that residents face when engaging with their local government is something to celebrate,” says Mayor Maja Tait. “Council would like all community members to feel that the municipal hall is a welcoming and accessible place where they can access services and find information without facing unnecessary obstacles. Installation of the hearing loop system is another step in ensuring Sooke is an inclusive community.”

Signs will be posted at both locations to remind those with hearing aids to switch their hearing aid to the T-Coil feature. If your hearing aid does not have this feature, you can contact your audiologist to request to have it installed.

Media Contact:

Don Schaffer
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
Tel: (250) 642-1634
Email: dschaffer@sooke.ca