High Tides Wash Significant Debris Ashore at Whiffin Spit

Public visiting the popular park should expect an uneven trail surface during the winter. 

Thursday, January 6, 2022 – Winter weather continues to make a mark, including particularly high tides at Whiffin Spit. The public is reminded to be vigilant around waterways as numerous hazards such as significant natural debris may be present.

District of Sooke staff monitor conditions regularly.

Parks and Environmental Services Coordinator Jessica Boquist shares, “Our team monitors and manages additional debris at Whiffin Spit as best as we can. Generally, the public should expect the trail to function as a nature trail until enhanced maintenance can be completed in full at the end of winter.”

With Parks staff also tending to snow clearing, tree maintenance, and general park care such as garbage clean up, resources throughout the season are prioritized with a focus on community safety.

“Weather events are challenging for everyone to navigate. It really takes the community working together and being patient with our team as we strive to respond quickly. I am truly grateful to residents for their support and kind words as they see staff hard at work,” Boquist adds.


Photos: Parks staff tend to Whiffin Spit to maintain trail access between snow clearing throughout the community

Did you know?

  • As little as 4 inches (10 centimetres) of water can move a 1-tonne log.

Learn more:

  • Coast Smart has a dedicated website designed to enhance coastal safety with resources and videos, visit coastsmart.ca.

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