Fire Danger Rating lowered to ‘Moderate’ – campfire ban lifted

NEWS RELEASE                                                          September 10, 2018

The Fire Danger Rating has been lowered to ‘MODERATE’ within the District of Sooke, provided that:

  1. the fire is contained in a masonry or metal pit not to exceed 0.60 metres (24 inches) in diameter;
  2. the fire pit is located a minimum of 6 metres (20 feet) from all property lines and buildings and 3 metres (10 feet) from all grass, shrubbery, wood, and all other combustible material;
  3. a garden hose or immediate source of water is readily available at all times the fire is lit; and,
  4. the fire is not lit before 6:00 AM and is fully extinguished by 1:00 AM

Thank you to all residents who followed the ban and called to report unauthorized burning activities. Sooke Firefighters extend appreciation for the assistance in keeping our community safe from wildfires this summer.

**Please note that the backyard/open air burning season is from October 1st to May 31st for burning backyard waste as per District of Sooke bylaw 292. Burning barrels are prohibited year-round. Residents are encouraged to clean woodstoves and fireplaces before use to avoid chimney fires.

Stay safe everyone!

Media Contact:

Kenn Mount
Fire Chief/Director of Community Safety
District of Sooke
Tel: (250)642-5422