Pre-Application Meetings

The best way to start gathering information on whether your development proposal is viable is by speaking with District staff. To make this quest for information more efficient, we encourage potential applicants of any type of development proposal to bring their proposal and/or questions to a Pre-Application Meeting.

Held each Thursday (by appointment), these meetings offer potential and existing applicants the opportunity to bring their questions before various department representatives at one convenient location. Here you can ask your questions, bring your ideas, and share your development proposals either before applying, or if your application is in mid-stream, you can bring your more detailed issues before the District team.

At the meeting, you may present information to staff on your proposal in person, or staff will discuss your proposal/questions in your absence based on information you provide to us in advance, and provide answers to your questions following the meeting. We encourage all potential applicants to come share their ideas with staff prior to applying for any development so they will be aware of what requirements they may have to meet.

To have your ideas reviewed at a Pre-Application meeting please complete the application form and you will be contacted with an appointment time. If Thursdays just won’t work, please let us know and we will make other arrangements to meet with you.

We look forward to meeting with you!